Ex-Chopper Rider Gets New Lease on Life With Harley-Like Mobility Scooter

World War II veteran, Thomas Kemp, gets to enjoy his seaside town once again thanks to his new ride—a mobility scooter decked out like a Harley Davidson.

Kemp, who is 93, had to give up his long-beloved passion for riding motorcycles due to his age, but his new scooter gives him the feeling that he's back on his favorite bike.

Kemp spotted the unique TGA Supersport while out on a shopping trip and was reminded of his favorite bikes, the 1000cc Ariel Square Four and the Triumph Thunderbird. 

The Harley-looking scooter has super-up handlebars and big wheels, along with a 30-mile range and black and chrome design. 

“With lockdown restrictions easing I have been putting on my old army shorts, which still fit amazingly, and driving down to the seafront," Kemp said.

While Kemp has no children or surviving relatives, he's happy to just have the freedom to drive to the harbor and back again on his scooter. 

“My doctor always jokes that he can’t believe there is nothing wrong with me at 93. I don’t need glasses, don’t use a walking stick and have a full head of hair."

Kemp still gardens and goes for walks and says that he is quite content and happy—riding his Supersport is merely the icing on the cake. 

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