Chick-Fil-A Offers Free Food for Coins During National Change Shortage

Two Chick-Fil-A locations experiencing coin shortages are getting creative to collect more coins. 

The two restaurants, in Huntsville, Alabama, and Lynchburg, Virginia, are offering customers $10 in paper bills for $10 in coins as well as a voucher for free food. 

The Huntsville location posted to its Facebook page that they have collected enough coins for a few weeks now, but may have a need again in a few weeks.

“We can’t say this enough but we have the absolute best customers,” the post reads. “Because of all of you we were able to get enough coins to last us a couple of weeks.”

Both of the locations attributed the need for change to a national coin shortage linked to less money moving through the economy as a result of coronavirus closures. 

The US Mint posted a statement last week asking the public to deposit or spend their coins to help keep the supply up. 

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