Emily Blunt Says She Was "Just Horrified" By First Kiss

Emily Blunt, the star of A Quiet Place Part II, decided to speak up about her disastrous first kiss on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past week.

Blunt detailed the pitiful experience she had locking lips at her thirteenth birthday party. "We played spin the bottle and it was my first kiss," she said. "It was a horror show."

The lucky boy in question was Ashley Clark, an "attractive" young man with, in Blunt's eyes, perfect hair. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing the actress recalled about him.

"I was just horrified by the whole thing," Blunt said. "I just remember surreptitiously wiping my mouth, afterward. It was horrible."

Kimmel asked if Clark had "slipped her the tongue," to which Blunt replied, "Massively! Not 'slipped,' that sounds kind of delicate."

Blunt did admit that she felt a little bad throwing her first romance under the bus.

"Poor Ashley," she said, jokingly adding, "I don't know what he's up to right now, [but] what isn't he up to? You know?"

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