Elderly Man Infuriates the Government Because of His 10,000 Square Foot Doomsday Bunker

By 1 year ago

The idea of nuclear war or the "end of the world" isn't necessarily a fun one. Survivalist Bruce Beach agrees with that sentiment, so that's why he's made it his life mission to create a safe and reliable doomsday bunker. He began the project in the 1980s and has been working every day towards perfecting it ever since. Everything he's done since then has angered the government enough to bring him to court over 30 times.

Nuclear Warfare Scares

The idea of nuclear war has been on the minds of the general population for decades. The cliche "doomsday prepper" is found in tons of movies and TV shows as crazy dudes with tinfoil hats. Don't let the media fool you into thinking those people are just figments of movie magic—they 100% exist in real life...


Doomsday Bunkers

People all over the world have constructed doomsday bunkers. They're usually made of concrete slabs hundreds of feet underground. The shelters have food, water, and any other necessities for doomsday survival. One prepper in particular, Bruce Beach, has taken it upon himself to craft a bunker that could save hundreds and is far more unique...

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