Domino’s Will Pay You To Taste Test Their Garlic Bread

Carb-lovers, rejoice! Domino’s pizza has requested that one of their many fans put their mouths where the money is, by eating garlic bread! The company wants someone to spend a whole day sampling different garlic bread recipes and try out other upcoming projects from the brand. It’s sure to be a delicious time!

The title of “Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester” will be based in the Domino’s Brisbane, Australia office. For seven and a half hours of work and thirty dollars an hour, the employee will go home with $225 dollars (and a free pizza lunch, if you can stomach more food!)

The ideal candidate is described as someone who “has never met a carb they didn’t like” and more specifically “does not identify as a vampire.” They should have a solid understand ing of crunch to softness ratio and have a passion for innovation, food, and fun! Applicants must have 5 years’ experience in loving garlic bread and “a detailed understanding of the pizza and garlic bread relationship.”

The job listing asks for applicants to submit a 200-word essay explaining why their the perfect fit for the perfect job, or a 30-second video that will seal the deal. The listing closes on October 7th, so get your materials in before it’s too late.

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