Father’s Attempt to Save Baby in Parking Lot Panic Backfires in the Worst Way

By 1 year ago

When Fern and Ben went to the grocery store with their newborn baby, they expected their biggest problem to be her fussiness. However, when one woman took things a step too far, the family had to fight for their lives. Read on to learn about what really happened that day…

Driving Around

With a new, fussy baby, Fern and her husband Ben had figured out tricks to get her to calm down. One of the ways they put her to sleep was by driving around town. The motion of the car often made her sleepy, so it was a favorite pastime for the parents.


Grocery Shopping

On one particular day, Ben drove around a parking lot while Fern went into the grocery store to grab a few things. The little girl fell asleep in just a few minutes, but Fern was still inside. Not a problem! Ben simply pulled into a parking spot, exited with the daughter, and sat on a nearby bench while he waited for Fern to finish up.

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