Dogs In Food Instagram Account Offers Endless Entertainment

By 2 years ago

Photoshop Instagram accounts have died down in recent times… Except for this one. @Dogs_infood has over half a million followers and truly die-hard fans.

It’s as simple as this: The account takes a photo of a dog’s face, a photo of a food, and photoshops it together. The result is incredible. Inspiring, even.

You think, “Wow, that brownie looks amazing,” and then, “Aw, what a cute dog!”

It’s literally mixing two of life’s greatest gifts: dogs and food. The photoshop itself is nearly seamless, which makes it just that much better to look at. This account provides endless scrolling and sharing and will probably make you hungry.

Freshly baked pug loaf 🍞 . . @itsdougthepug

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No image is quite like the other. Just when you think it’s going to get predictable… BOOM. Curveball.

Whatcha guys doing in there?? #pupberries . . @theochang_thepug

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This Instagram user turned something that sounds kind of scary into something super adorable that is loved by thousands.

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