Dog Saves Veteran From Suicide and Owner Pays It Forward

Moxie the Golden Retriever can now add “hero” to her resume.

As Christy Gardner’s service dog, Moxie helps her with daily tasks. Gardner is a retired Army Sargeant who lost both of her legs in an attack while serving overseas.

While her dog helps her with day-to-day tasks, what Gardner didn’t anticipate was how the pup would also help pull her out of depression and keep her from ending her own life.

“That dog saved my life,” Gardener told CBS News.

Because of Moxie’s unconditional love, Gardner felt compelled to pay it forward, or in this case, “paw” it forward.

Gardner adopted a puppy with a misshapen paw and leg that he could not use. Gardner decided to train the pup as a therapy dog for a local elementary school. She figures the physically-challenged pup, named Lucky, will help young students struggling with accepting their own differences.

Lucky’s leg did need to be amputated, though, so, in an effort to raise the funds, Gardner picked up some extra jobs. Much to her surprise, though, pet food company Vetriscience donated $10,000 to help Garnder and Lucky with the surgery costs.

This Lucky puppy will now be able to bring smiles to local children struggling with their own differences.

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