Divorcee Celebrates Fresh Start with a Bang

‘Trashing the dress’ is a pretty well-known way to make use of your wedding gown post-nuptuals, but for this divorcee, trashing it simply would not suffice.

Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler, a 43-year-old from Texas, had her dress rigged up with 20 pounds of tannerite, an explosive. She and her family all met up at her father’s farm for the party.

“We have a friend who is a bomb tech and he kept saying, ‘That’s really a lot,’ like five different times when we told him our plan,” Santleben-Newport said of the amount of tannerite used. “My dad and husband set the dress up at 100 yards from the barn on our family farm. Everyone was worried it was too close so they moved it out another 100 yards.”

To initiate the explosion, Kimberly shot at it with a gun and hit it dead on with her first shot.

Apparently, the explosion was so intense that it could be heard from roughly 15 miles away.

“People were messaging us on Facebook and texting us saying, ‘Holy cow, was that just y’all?’ They couldn’t believe that they heard it,” she said.

Now that’s one way to go out with a bang.

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