‘Dad Bods and Dogs’ Calendar Helping Rescue Dogs Find Homes

Photographer, Ricki Beason, had dedicated her photo work to rescue dogs looking for their forever homes for quite some time when she came up with a brilliant idea. Dubbed the “Dad Bods and Dogs” calendar, she took photos of available pups with men willing to help out the cause.

She teamed up with Dallas-area rescue shelters to find the perfect pups for the shoot and each month will feature a photo of at least one available dog and man.

“I wanted to pair rescue dogs with guys doing your typical dad activities, like going to the grocery store, grilling out for the Fourth of July or having a pool party,” said Beason.

“(The guys) are more relatable because they’re doing day-to-day activities versus being super big and buff like they can bench press a piano,” she added. “You look at them and see your average awesome guy.”

Beason loves the fact that potential adopters can see the dogs personalities shine through in the photos, saying, “One of the reasons I got into rescue photography was you see all these pictures of dogs behind shelter bars, and they look so sad and rejected.”

The calendars will be shipped out in September but are available for pre-order now, and the proceeds will go directly to the three shelters where the pups currently reside.

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