Cruise Passengers Turn Vacation into Humanitarian Mission

When vacationers headed out on a 7-day cruise aboard the Celebrity Equinox, their expectations for a relaxing trip in the Caribbean were quickly turned upside-down.

Amid their list of ports was Nassau in the Bahamas, but Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamian islands hard and their ship changed course to dock elsewhere. However, rather than returning to Florida at the end of their cruise, the passengers and crew decided that they would turn this trip into a humanitarian effort to help Bahamians affected by the massive hurricane.

The crew and passengers prepared, packaged, and served more than 10,000 sandwiches and water bottles to give to the people of the Bahamas. Children helped out by writing cards and notes for those who needed a pick-me-up.

Celebrity Cruise isn’t the only line offering assistance with the relief effort. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, The Walt Disney Company, and Carnival Corporation have all employed their fleets to bring supplies to the islands and transport families seeking sanctuary.

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