Cringeworthy Family Photos That You Can't Unsee

By 1 year ago

Families can be very strange to everyone but each other. These people all thought they had a normal family photo until they posted their memories on the internet, and found out how cringeworthy their keepsakes really were. Whether it was a photoshoot theme that doesn't make any sense or an 80s hairstyle that aged poorly, some pictures are just too awkward for words...

Aunt Joan 

In 1991, this family got together for a family portrait they'd never forget. Aunt Joan wasn't able to make the photoshoot though, so the unit had to improvise. They used a cardboard cutout of the sister to add to the portrait. The days before Photoshop and editing apps were tough, but these creative folks found a way to make the best of the situation. Poor Aunt Joan...


Hanging Out

This dad certainly thinks he's the King of Parenting with his creative life hack. This photo was captioned "My older sister with my Dad who was multi-tasking." Clearly, neither of them looks bothered by this new arrangement. It seems like this little girl is just hanging out with her father, just a little more literally than the mom probably assumes. At least they're together...

Break Time

Disney World dads are a special kind. This user wrote that their father "had started a mullet a couple of years before this and refused to cut it until he retired." He didn't cut the mullet for several years before their mother finally put her foot down. This photo has everything, from fanny packs to crop tops and big glasses. This dad just really needed a break!

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