Creepy Facts About ‘The Blair Witch Project’ That Have Come to Light 20 Years Later

By 2 years ago

The Blair Witch Project was truly the first film of its kind. Two directors and three actors headed into the woods with handheld cameras and a rough plot concept, and the rest was history.

It’s now been 20 years since the film was released and some odd and downright frightening secrets are being revealed…

Years in the Making

The Blair Witch Project blurred the lines between fantasy and reality. While most viewers knew it was fictional, they still weren’t so sure exactly what they were watching. Directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez met in film school and came up with the concept beginning in 1993 and production started in 1997. For how rough it looked, the directors said that post-production and editing took two years alone.

The Legend

The legend goes, that in 1785, a woman named Elly Kedward was accused of witchcraft in Blair, Md. – later Burkittsville – after she was discovered pricking the fingers of children to let their blood. She was found guilty at trial and banished to the woods, where she was tied to a tree in the dead of winter and left there. By the following winter, half the town’s children had disappeared. Kids would go missing and return saying they saw a woman whose feet never touched the ground. An old hermit was found with the bodies of seven kids in his home and said that “the old lady ghost told him to do it.” Another woman spotted a cloaked woman while fishing with her father. Stories like these led to the production of the film…

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