Couple Skips Cocktail Hour for “Kitten Hour” at Their Recent Wedding

This feline-loving Seattle couple decided to do something a little out of the ordinary for their wedding day. When their venue, a Quaker meetinghouse, did not allow alcohol, they got creative for “cocktail” hour.

They brainstormed ideas for alcohol-free fun, and in doing so, thought of their two special furry friends that could not make it to their wedding, their cats, Ladbybird and Pangur.

From there spawned the idea of a “kitten hour” in lieu of a cocktail hour, where their guests could snuggle up with kittens from the Seattle Animal Shelter. The couple, Iz and Colleen, often fostered cats from the shelter and donated to its rescue efforts, so it made perfect sense.

Volunteers from SAS came to make sure the kittens were taken care of and brought a pack-n-play for them to corral in.

“The kittens only stayed for about an hour, and judging by the way they wanted to fall asleep in our arms, they felt pretty relaxed,” Colleen said.

Needless to say, the kitten hour was a hit with their guests. Many even filled out paperwork to adopt the kittens once they were old enough to go to their forever homes. All of the kittens from the kitten hour have since been adopted.

The couple did, of course, have alcohol at their reception, in which they featured two cocktails named after their own precious cats.

Write this idea down in the ol’ wedding planning idea book, because this sounds a whole lot more fun than your typical cocktail hour.

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