Controversial TV Episodes of Popular Shows That Have Been Totally Banned


This movie single-handedly terrified a generation of children. Ghostwatch is a TV special hosted by the BBC about a paranormal haunting in the UK. They never claimed that it was a real documentary, but they never said it was fake, either. The documentary followed a group of reporters who were ghost hunting. They ended up getting attacked by the ghost, Pipes. The documentary even featured a "live" call segment where apparent viewers could call in about their ghostly experience. This caused actual cases of PTSD in young children and was subsequently banned from the network.  


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The More You Know

  • Writers rooms aren’t TV’s only writers
  • Married... With Children (and Modern Family): Ed O'Neill's characters on both shows can be seen reading the same newspaper.
  • The Office: Phyllis Smith, who plays Phyllis Vance, was initially an assistant casting director for the show.
  • 99% of American homes own at least one television set, and 66% has at least three.
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