Controversial TV Episodes of Popular Shows That Have Been Totally Banned

Television is a relatively new invention, so networks and creators are still working out the logistics of how to please the mass population. Due to the ebb and flow of society and culture, some episodes from popular were a "good idea" or had a decent plotline in the past, but aged poorly. There are a lot of episodes of your favorite TV shows that you may remember but have been totally banned from streaming or cable rotation! How many of these did you know? 

"Promises, Promises" - Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World was a coming-of-age comedy aimed at teenagers. The show taught lots of life lessons mixed in with some funny situations. The episode "Promises, Promises" almost crossed the line from family-friendly into raunchy territory. Topanga and Cory get a little intimate at prom. This was deemed too inappropriate and promptly nixed. 


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The More You Know

  • Nearly 40% of the medical advice given on the Dr. Oz show has no scientific evidence backing it up.
  • Saturday Night Live' is TV’s most decorated show
  • The soap opera Guiding Light has been on the air for 57 years. If you add in the many years it aired via radio, its total is 72 years.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition drove so many families into bankruptcy and foreclosure that they had to start downsizing their houses.
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