Compared to All Other Dog Breeds, Labradors Gained the Most Weight In COVID-19 Lockdown

A study has found that on average, Labrador retrievers in the U.K. gained 4.1 pounds during the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Dog Friendly Retreats, a popular dog-friendly vacation platform that launched in 2018, surveyed over 1,700 dog owners in the U.K. and found that on average, dogs have gained 2.7 lbs. during quarantine—but Labradors gained the most weight by far.

Following Labs in terms of weight gain are French bulldogs (3.8 lbs.), Dachshunds (3 lbs.), Beagles (2.1 lbs.), and German Shepherds (2 lbs.).

"Dogs are still undeniably man's best friend but sometimes we can treat our friends just a little bit too well," said Josh Williams, owner of Dog Friendly Retreats. "I'm not surprised that being home with our dogs more often is affecting their weight, after all, it's been affecting the waistlines of us humans too!"

"Helping our dogs get back in their prime is as simple as a few lifestyle tweaks and I'm sure the whole family will feel happier and healthier for it, including our furry friends!" he added.

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