Company Seeking "Candyologists" to Taste Test Candy

Canadian candy company Candy Funhouse is offering $47 USD an hour to sample and review some of the company's 3,000 candy and chocolate sweets.

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Candy Funhouse is seeking full- and part-time employees to serve as "candyologists"—taste testers for their products. The job is a dream career for anyone with a sweet tooth; hired "candyologists" will select 100 products to be featured in the brand's first candy line.

"Candidates should have enthusiasm and eagerness to try confectionary products," the job listing reads. "We are looking for honest and objective opinions on the products that will be taste tested."

"Applicants who have an interest in candy, pop culture, and media will be given preference," the listing continued. No past experience is required.

Applications will be accepted until February 15. To qualify for the positions, applicants must be over 18, cannot have any food allergies, and must be very into candy.

Full-time employees must work in-person, but part-timers may remain remote. Hopefully, the position comes with a decent dental plan.

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