Common Foods You Should Never Keep in Your Fridge

Who knows why people keep bread or cucumber in the fridge? Maybe you shouldn’t be. There are some common kitchen favorites that you might want to move out of the fridge and into the pantry. Read on to see which ones need to get into the warm air…


You actually don’t need Jam in the fridge! The preservatives will keep your jellies safe for a long time, and adding cold won’t help it much more. The best way to keep jam is by making sure you don’t contaminate it with something else, like brie cheese from a used knife.


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The More You Know

  • Avoid bad decisions by taking just a minute to focus and calm yourself before making a move.
  • If your ring gets stuck on your finger Windex will slide it right off.
  • A nondescript shampoo or lotion bottle is the perfect disguise for a beachside carryall.
  • If you accidentally got permanent marker on a piece of furniture, don't lose hope just yet. Using a small dab of non-gel toothpaste, rub the marker stain in a circular motion with a soft cloth and it should buff right out.
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