Comic-Con Has Some Incredible Dog Cosplayers

Who said cosplaying is just for people? These pet owners dressed up their adorable pups to fit in with the hardcore cosplay crowd at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

One pup has taken the entire convention by storm with her incredible attire. Merly the Cosplay Dog is a service dog to Amanda Van Der Beek. In addition to helping her mom and working hard, Merly also gets to have some fun and dress up!

Van Der Beek says Merly has about 56 costumes. She’s got all of The Avengers, Justice League, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, etc all in her doggie closet. Van Der Beek is not done yet, and will continue to make clothes for the pup as long as she lets her!

As a service dog, Merly really is a superhero! Now, she has the costumes to show it!

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