Comedy Specials To Watch Right Now If You Need a Pick-Me-Up

Do you remember the days when we could go out in public, sit in a dark room, order drinks, and laugh at some guy onstage? Do you remember comedy clubs, concerts, restaurants? Or is that all in the past for us now? For many of us, self-isolation has taken a toll on our frame of mind, mood, and energy level. If all you want to do is sat on the couch and watch Netflix all day, you're not alone. This is a weird time for us all, and several streaming services are doing what they can to help get viewers through this. Netflix in particular is making several new comedy specials available so we don't inevitably spiral down the Tiger King conspiracy theory trap. Here's what you can watch right now if you need to boost your mood...

SNL's Pete Davidson has a new special ready for you to binge called "Pete Davidson: Alive From New York." He took a brief hiatus from the popular sketch show to tour with friend and fellow comedian John Mulaney, and the special highlights one of his sold out solo events. The special has gone over with mixed reviews, but if you're a fan of his dry, and often borderline inappropriate humor, then you'll enjoy what he has to say. It starts with a pretty cringe-worthy joke about babysitting his friend's kid, and then afterwards he explains the reasoning behind his humor because he knows that fans have a love-hate relationship with his deadpan comedy. 

"I know that joke splits the room ... I know it’s weird to tell jokes like that, but this is a comedy club," he said. "It would be weird if this was a town hall meeting and I grabbed the mic and was like, ‘Hey guys, here are some ideas I have.’”

He's worth the watch, and then you can follow up with his usual co-star John Mulaney's latest project, "Oh, Hello," alongside Nick Kroll.

Kroll and Mulaney released a filmed performance of their Broadway play, "Oh, Hello," to Netflix in which they play two elderly men living in New York City, Gill Faizon and George St. Geeland. The special is a combination of scripted and improvised sketch comedy, focusing on the two character's old-person mannerisms, off-color beliefs, humor at each other's expense, and their comedic tendency to say "oh, hello" in unison.

Their notable character traits including speaking far too loudly with their overbearing New York accents, mispronouncing common words, and emphasizing the wrong parts of common phrases. They say "junk mail" as "junk mail" and "Broadway" as "Broadway." The stage is set to resemble their unkept apartment - which they share - and most of the special is just the two them having conversation inside. It doesn't sound like much of a sell, but it's a hilarious escape, especially right now.

In the face of a national or global crisis, it's only normal for people to turn to comedy in the media for a sense of comfort and normalcy. It's okay to laugh right now, even if it doesn't feel right. People have to survive this any way they can, and streaming services like Netflix have your back. So next time you're feeling down, try turning on one of these specials and laughing along with some of SNL's top comedians for a little while.

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