Hawaii Family Return Home From Vacation To Find Man Waiting to Surgically Alter Them

A Hawaii family returned to their home after a week-long vacation to find a man living inside. After the police arrived and the man was taken away, they found that the home had been torn apart and "reorganized" to suit the man's needs. In addition to his belongings, they found notes and letters to the family about his plans for their futures. 

The family believes that Ezequiel Zayas has been watching them for a while. He left personal notes as well as notes on experiments that he wanted to perform on the family. He left bizarre concoctions in the kitchen. One of the notes even said that he wanted to turn the family from "omnivores" to "ezequiels" through surgery. 

There were knives found around the couple's bed as if he was preparing for surgery there. Zayas' diary was also found with in-depth notes about the family that almost didn't make sense. 

Zayas was charged with burglary, but a judge put him on supervised release until his trial. The family was so scared that they moved out of Hawaii and changed all of their legal paperwork and phone numbers.

A few weeks ago, the father gets a call on his cell phone from a woman asking about the kids. When he asked what she was talking about, she emphasized, "The boys." When he asked who she was, she hung up. She called him on his new phone. 

On Friday, September 13th, the police were called due to a disturbance at the household between a man and a woman. At the time, the family was already on vacation. The police never responded to the call. Now, they believe that the stalker had a woman in the house with him for some duration and was also involve din the man. Somehow, this woman got a hold of the father's new phone number. 

The father took to Reddit to talk about his experience. About the woman, he wrote, "After looking into the person, she is involved with a known cult with striking similarities to the ideologies in the notes left behind by the male suspect."

At this point, they're at a loss. They're not sure why there were targeted and if anyone else could be watching them. 

"We have no idea how we were targeted," the father said on Reddit. "But looking at his notes, he definitely has an obsession with our family. There are no personal connections that we know of, however, we have a few theories as to why he may have targeted us."

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Post originally appeared on Inside Mystery.