College Students Offer Shopping Services to Elderly During Covid-19

By 1 year ago

Coronavirus has been a huge threat to national health this month and is leaving many senior citizens in a state of panic as they are quarantined inside. Many cannot access their grocery stores without fear of getting sick from the pneumonia-like disease. To help with this epidemic, the University of Nevada student Jayde Powell launched an initiative to help out those who were elderly or immunocompromised. 

"Going to one store could be an all-day affair for an elderly person. They don't have money to get gas or energy to go to a lot of stores just to find out they don't have the basic supplies to last them a couple of weeks," commented Powell. To combat the disease, White House workers have suggested people don't gather in groups of 10 or more. 

Dozens of students have since signed up for Powell's campaign, deeming themselves "Shopping Angels" and delivering to the Reno and Las Vegas areas. Volunteers wear masks, gloves, and stay outside the homes of seniors once they deliver to ensure safety. So far, there are just under 40 volunteers looking to help their community in this time of crisis. 

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