Set Yourself Free With These Spring Cleaning Life Hacks

Keeping a clean house throughout the winter is a lost cause. However, the moment you wake up and find that the birds have come back out, everything is a bit greener outside, and your sinuses are clogged to the brim. Look around and you'll see that there's dust in places you never thought dust would accumulate in. You feel confused, you feel alone. Suddenly, you look at your phone and discover this list. You are filled with determination. 

Using an Onion to Clean Your Grill

If your grill grates have the wintertime blues, cheer them up with half an onion! If you heat your grill up and rub a halved onion on the grates, the sugars and water in the onion will essentially "deglaze" your grates. The evaporating water will get under the built-up grime and pull the nastiness right off of your previous grills.


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The More You Know

  • A nondescript shampoo or lotion bottle is the perfect disguise for a beachside carryall.
  • Avoid bad decisions by taking just a minute to focus and calm yourself before making a move.
  • Did you know that Americans overpay 2.5 billion dollars a year? Believe it or not, the source for a lot of it comes from stores wrongfully overcharging for purchases.
  • By folding shirts KonMari- or military-style and sandwiching (instead of stacking), you can fit more into each dresser drawer and have a better visual of what's inside.
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