College Student Roasted After His 'Lady Drawer' Tweet Goes Viral

By 1 year ago

College can be a time for exploring both minds and bodies. one Twitter user thought to share his helpful tip with followers who might be having "frequent guests". He instructed those who followed him that they should save a drawer for women who might spend the night. "I feel like every guy needs a “lady drawer” if you plan on having frequent guests," he wrote, and the internet roasted him. 

Inside the drawer was a collection of items traditionally only used by women. These included tampons, a First Response pregnancy test, flushable toilet wipes, a sex toy, makeup remover wipes, scrunchies, a hairbrush, and what appears to be two bottles of nail polish remover. Users weren't sure if @DaddyAllDay was joking about the drawer or not, but either way, people had some strong opinions. 

The user apologized to anyone who thought the tweet was offensive but reiterated that he was just trying to be considerate of his overnight guests. The craziest part of this is why he thought any girl would need more than one bottle of nail polish remover, but as long as he's prepared!

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