Coca-Cola Releases Line of Whiskey Mixers

There’s really nothing like a whiskey and coke at your local, beloved dive bar. It’s been a staple cocktail at bars across the U.S. for generations.

In the U.K., Coca-Cola has released a new line of “Signature Mixers.” The mixers were created by mixologists to complement dark liquors. They come in four flavors: Smoky, Spicy, Herbal, and Woody.

A press release from the company describes the “Smoky” variety as “intensely aromatic” with a base of warm brown spices, Peru balsam, and amber, plus ylang, ambrette seed, and dried fruit. This one apparently tastes best with spiced rums and bold, premium whiskeys. “Spicy” is warm with a “fiery finish.” It was made with a blend of citrus, ginger, jalapeño, rosemary, and jasmine. This one goes with spiced rums, aged or gold tequilas, and spicy or sweet whiskeys.

The “Herbal” flavor is floral, crisp and tart with notes of lemongrass, dill seed, and tagetes. Coca-Cola suggests drinking this one with amber whiskeys and “most types of rum.” “Woody” features patchouli, yuzu, and basil. It’s described as tart, light and refreshing with a hint of warmth that pairs with golden rums and smoky or woody whiskeys.

Each recipe was derived from a bartender workshop hosted by the soda brand. The mixers are set to hit shelves in the U.K. in June. No indication was made if the line will be released in the States.

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