Chrissy Teigen Unknowingly Plays With Giant Wasp

Twitters mom Chrissy Teigen is back at it again with the iconic Tweets. She posted a video of herself with a giant wasp-like bug on her arm with the caption, “I swear to god if one of you tells me this is a deadly bug i will vomit.”

Same, though.

Twitter immediately rushed her to aid, claiming for it to be a horribly painful Tarantula Hawk Wasp.

Teigen still doesn’t seem like she believed her twitter followers… But that bug does look just like this horrifying wasp. The venom in its stinger can paralyze the limb that is stung for minutes with an intense burning pain. It’s not fun.

Luckily, a real entomologist came to the rescue.

Still, she still was able to have a generally nice wasp chilling on her arm. What kind of world does this woman live in?

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