Chris Hemsworth’s Dog is Found After Running Away Last Week

Last week, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s Goldendoodle pup, Sunny, went missing in Byron Bay, Australia.

A family friend, Tracey Sparkes, asked members of the Byron Bay Community Board on Facebook to keep an eye out for the couple’s dog, who as of September 4th, had been missing for three nights. Sunny had apparently run away after being spooked by some electric fencing.

Luckily, Sunny was found safe yesterday, reported a family friend to the Facebook group. The famous pair adopted Sunny back in November 2014.

Chris and Elsa have both shared numerous posts about their beloved furry family member with their three daughters. In February of 2018, Chris shared an adorable clip of he and Sunny checking out the surf at a beach in Australia.

Thankfully, Sunny is now back with her adoring family.

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