Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Opening A Coffee Shop And It’s Beautiful

It’s finally happening. The fixer-upper couple has begun fixing up their newest business venture. The shop is of course in Waco, Texas, where the family has been set up for several years. The shop will be called “Magnolia Press” and will be located a block away from Magnolia Market and their other restaurant, Magnolia Table.

As of right now, the shop is only halfway done. The anticipated open date won’t be until somewhere between October and November. The name is meant to bring a French press to mind, while also keeping the Magnolia brand alive. Joanna says she “kept coming back to this idea of a French press and the slower (but very rewarding) process of making a rich, good cup of coffee.”

The place is designed to look like an industrial library, with high ceilings and exposed accents. Joanna wants to fill the space with library-style long tables for seating. “I want the style of the space to be symbolic of times past, and for guests to feel a sense of history and familiarity — almost like stepping into a place they’ve been before,” said the designer.

The place will include a full coffee bar, fresh pastries, a variety of teas, and a secret special surprise. The only detail the family released was “furniture.” They say it’s going to be “something really fun.” Any ideas what that could be?

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