Child's Reaction to 'Hamilton' Actress Proves Exactly Why Representation Matters

Seeing or reading about someone that looks like you in books, movies, TV shows, and other media can be so important for healthy development. So, when one little girl saw actress Phillipa Soo in Hamilton, she was filled with admiration. The actress shared the video of the child pointing at the Asian actress and saying "It's me!"

Soo wrote, "Little Jenna here is exactly why #representationmatters. I am so grateful for this show, that so many young people can watch this show and say ‘It’s me.'"

The video comes amidst some backlash against the musical for being released publicly during a tense period of civil and political unrest. Hamilton has been a smash hit on Broadway for quite some time, and the tickets are near-impossible to get. 

Miranda acknowledged these accusations in a tweet, writing "The sheer tonnage of complexities & failings of these people I couldn’t get. Or wrestled with but cut. I took 6 years and fit as much as I could in a 2.5-hour musical. Did my best. It’s all fair game." Nevertheless, Jenna can certainly get behind the equal representation in this iconic musical.

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