Check Out The Interesting Crowd Outside of a Philadelphia Scrapyard Fire

Huge, roaring fires tend to draw crowds of neighbors and passerby’s to watch the flames go down. Late in the evening of July 10th, flames broke out in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. There are tons of video from people watching the fire from the street, as well as copious amounts of footage from news crews.

The four-alarm fire was one of the biggest fires in the past couple of years in the city. People pointed out from miles away that they could see the flames (yes, not just the smoke, but the towering flames!)

This next part is very out-of-pocket and very Philly.

In true Philly style, a random drum squad came through with some tunes with Elmo leading the way. To Philly residents, this isn’t truly wild, but Twitter was obsessed with how these citizens were handling the chaos.

The fire was under control by the morning but smoke still resonates in the area. Should this become a new Philly tradition?

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