Why Kristen Bell Must Wear Gloves in the Pool

Kristen Bell is the queen of hijinks. We already know of many of her adorable quirks, from crying over the sight of a sloth to her and her husband, Dax Shepherd’s, hysterical rendition of Toto’s ‘Africa’ music video, this actress is always ready to provide a laugh. Her latest revelation, however, exposed by Dax on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, was something he hadn’t been aware of in the 11 years he’s known her…

On a hot day on the West Coast, Bell, who isn’t normally a fan of the swimming pool, decided to take a dip. Dax told Jimmy, “She said, ‘Oh, I’m getting in,’ and I was like, ‘Oh! This is exciting!’ and she said, ‘I have to get my pool gloves,'” he recalled. “[I] come to find out that she has this weird phobia that when her fingertips are pruney, she doesn’t want to touch other people’s skin. That’s too much for her.”

While scientists believe that our pruney-fingers occur to provide better grip on surfaces, apparently this pruney phobia is not all that rare. Many people on Instagram commented that they, too, loathe the feeling and don’t blame her in the least.

We’re not quite sure if she knows that feet prune up, too, but for now, we’ll just keep that our little secret.

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