Celebrities Who Went From Riches To Rags

Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt, the counterpart to Heidi Montag, also ripped through his money following their MTV stint. The couple recalled going as far as to spend $15,000 while partying. He also claimed to have gifted his buddies thousands of dollars, fancy designer clothing, and even expensive cars!


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The More You Know

  • Miley Cyrus first tried out for Hannah Montana at the age of 11. She was denied due to her age.
  • Tom Hanks had an asteroid named after him which was called “12818 tomhanks”.
  • Shakira was banned from her school’s choir, and her classmates said she sounded like a goat.
  • Before she was a megastar, Madonna worked at Dunkin Donuts. She got fired for squirting jelly on a customer.
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