Catfishing Scandal Turns One Couple's Wedding Day Upside-Down

Alyson's Story

The message was from a woman he'd never met before named Alyson. She had a story he needed to hear. A few years prior, Alyson was working a full-time job when she met a man named Dylan. She was instantly smitten, but he saw them as friends. For several years, the two became BFFs, but Alyson wanted more. Dylan became part of her family in every way but one, so her friend came up with a plan...


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The More You Know

  • A U.S. park ranger named Roy C. Sullivan held the record for being struck by lightning the most times, having been struck — and surviving — seven times between 1942 and 1977.
  • Pizza only became popular in the United States after American troops occupying Italy during World War 2 became hooked on it and then popularized it back home.
  • You can hear a blue whale's heartbeat from more than 2 miles away.
  • Clark Kent (Superman in DC Comics) is also a character in the Marvel universe, where he's actually just a mild-mannered reporter and nothing more.
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