Businesses are Donating Their Extra Supplies to People in Need

While the majority of local companies and businesses have closed their doors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, those very same companies also have a surplus of toilet paper stocked up. 

Instead of letting it go to waste at this time, though, they're getting creative and giving the extra rolls away to people who need them. 

A marketing firm in Atlanta launched the Toilet Paper Exchange to distribute TP their community via "toilet paper toss." Employees got together to host drive-thru giveaways where they hurl the rolls through people's open car windows. 

A pizza company in Wisconsin is giving away a roll of TP with every pizza delivery. Since they are no longer accommodating diners in their restaurant, they've got lots of extra TP to pass out.

Small acts of kindness are popping up around the country in the wake of the pandemic, and while things feel bleak at the moment, these small acts of kindness are inspiring people to think outside the box when it comes to community and connection.

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