Uber Driver Posts Horrifying Audio of Aggressive Passenger with High-Ranking Position

Driving for a rideshare app can be difficult at times. Unfortunately, some passengers don't respect the driver or their car and end up making things more difficult. After picking up a nightmare of a passenger, one Texas Uber driver tried his best to get her to leave his vehicle, and things went seriously downhill from there. Little did he know, she wasn't just your average annoying passenger, she also had a high ranking job...

Weekend Hustle

Rideshare drivers undoubtedly make most of their money working the night shift on weekends. When drunken bar patrons need a ride home, their Uber driver is there for them. This fact basically makes them the unsung heroes of the nightlife scene.


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The More You Know

  • The Crown Jewels contain the two biggest cut diamonds on Earth.
  • Lightning can heat the air it passes through to 50,000 degrees.
  • Following the release of Rocky IV, a joke was making rounds in Hollywood. Since Rocky had run out of opponents, he would have to fight an alien if a fifth movie was made. Jim and John Thomas took the joke seriously and wrote a screenplay based on it, which later became the movie "Predator".
  • Fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia.
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