Bryce Harper Has Last Laugh in First Return to Washington D.C.

Last night, the Philadelphia Phillies took on the Washington Nationals. While the teams are certainly rivals, this time around, there was a much bigger story at hand.

For the first time in a Phillies uniform, former Nationals all-star, Bryce Harper, made his return to Nationals Park.

Prior to the game, Bryce wrote a heartfelt thank you on his Instagram to the Nationals organization and fans, so it was uncertain how the Nationals fans would receive him. However, if the boos during his tribute video were any indication, this game was going to be ugly.

During his first at-bat, facing Max Scherzer, the boos from the crowd were overwhelmingly loud. And when Bryce struck out, the boos and cheers got even louder.

While it might’ve seemed that this got to Bryce, during his third visit to the plate, he shut that idea right down. In the top of the fifth, Harper doubled to right field. In the sixth, Harper singled to left center, scoring Jean Segura from second. And then, in the eighth, Harper hit a two-run home run reaching the second deck out in right field, right above where the Phillies fans had been cheering him on all game.

The home run ultimately shut down the hate train, however, that may have been simply due to the fact that the Nationals fans had all but cleared the stadium in the sixth inning when their team was down 6-2.

Either way, Twitter was set ablaze with commentary on Harper’s return to D.C. While Nationals fans referred to him as a traitor and were angered over the star’s return, it seems as though Bryce has made himself right at home in the hearts of Phillies fans.

Villain status achieved.

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