Brown’s QB, Baker Mayfield, Gives Soon-To-Be-Dad the Retweet He Needed

Baker Mayfield is making a name for himself, and quite a few other future Bakers.

After Sunday’s win against the Bengals, a man tweeted the following request to the young NFL star:

“My wife says if you retweet this, she will allow us to name our kid “Baker” that’s due in June, but that’s the only way she will consider it. Do it for the kids, literally #Baker @bakermayfield”

Ask, and you shall receive, Ryan.

Mayfield granted Tramel’s request with a perfect reply, retweeting and saying, “I love it, can’t wait to see a picture of the little man.”

Mayfield’s reply brought in 114K likes since it was posted.

Other parents and parents-to-be joined the conversation and shared photos of their own “Baker-babies.”

As one woman (Twitter user GwendoklynKK) tweeted, “Congratulations! I think there will be a lot of little Baker boys in NE Ohio in the years ahead!”

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