Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About The “Alien” Films

These behind the scenes facts about the “Alien” universe will have you wondering what’s really out there…

The Man Inside The Suit

Bolaji Badejo, who plays the alien, was a graphic artist who was discovered in a bar by one of the casting directors. He was around seven feet tall with very thin arms and beat out Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars.


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The More You Know

  • Enzo Ferrari told a man "you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly." The man was so angry that he vowed to create the perfect car. His name was Ferruccio Lamborghini.
  • If you take all the letters from the word "wizard" and swap them with opposite letters (a->z, b->y), it spells wizard backwards.
  • In 1567, the man said to have the longest beard in the world died after he tripped over his beard running away from a fire.
  • Scorpions are incredibly resilient: scientists have frozen scorpions overnight, left them in the sun the following day, and when thawed, the arthropod walked away unscathed.
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