Best TV Shows And Characters Of All Time

These are some interesting and obscure facts about the best television shows and characters of all time. How many do you know?

Saul Goodman

Gilligan initially wanted to call the character Saul Good (like, “It’s all good”) as a hyper-memorable name for clients to remember when faced with their one phone call. Another writer suggested “Goodman,” and they all loved it. They were just lucky the first name rhymed with “Call.”


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The More You Know

  • One of David Bowie's eyes was permanently dilated.
  • Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was also the voice of Shredder from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.
  • Michael J. Fox's middle name doesn't start with a "J." His middle name is actually Andrew.
  • Bill Murray was arrested when he was 20 for trying to bring 10 pounds of marijuana on a plane.
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