Baby Dressed as Famous Women from History Is Hilarious and Inspiring

With a name like Liberty, we wouldn’t expect any less. Three-month-old Liberty Wexler has worn all of the hats of influential women. Her mom, Jenelle, an experienced photographer, started this little dress-up project with her newborn when she was born in July.

Wexler had photographed her son, River, prior to giving birth to Liberty, but the idea of photographing a baby girl dressed up like inspiring women in history, like Frida Kahlo, sent her onto this whirlwind of a project.

“I am a huge fan of Frida… I created Liberty a costume that looked like a realistic baby Frida with a floral headband, unibrow, and clothing I already had on hand,” said Wexler, who posts her photos of Liberty on Instagram. “From Frida, I began thinking of other influential women who should be celebrated for their contributions and the ideas kept coming.”

Wexler has hand-crafted all of Liberty’s costumes from thrift store finds or things she has around the house with the help of her sewing machine and a glue gun. With this side project, she hopes Liberty can look at the photos when she is older and be inspired by truly powerful women.

“I wanted to bring attention to these women and their specific stories to show how important their actions were in shaping our current society for the better,” said Wexler. “I hope these are individuals Liberty herself chooses to admire and aspire to be like … great women who have helped make the world a better place for future women and people as a whole.”

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