Australian Investigator Finds Substantial New Evidence About Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

By 2 years ago

A plane that disappears off the face of the earth sounds like a movie plot, but unfortunately, in 2014 it became a reality for people traveling with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Very little has been uncovered about the missing airliner in the past five years since its disappearance. Recently, though, an Australian amateur investigator believes he has discovered the missing plane…

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Since its disappearance in 2014, there have been many attempts to uncover the truth behind what happened to the missing plane and its passengers. Many nations combined their efforts to try and solve the mystery by diving deep into the waters where they last received a signal from the plane…


Recovery Efforts

These plane recovery attempts and expeditions were extremely costly, time-consuming, and exhausting, and resulted in very little knowledge as to what happened. Years passed without any new evidence, however, until an Australian investigator began to look for answers in an unexpected place…

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