Ariana Grande’s Hand Appears Bandaged After Her ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Filming

If you don’t know, Carpool Karaoke is hosted by James Corden. The late night show personality get’s famous singers, actors, and athletes into his car and they sing some of their favorite jams together. Sometime’s, the guest is not much of a singer (which makes it even funnier). A lot of the time, the audience loves these skits because it’s two people genuinely having fun with each other, and who doesn’t love that?

Let’s start from the top. James Corden posted something on Twitter that hinted to his involvement with the singer on the upcoming episode.

This obviously caused a frenzy. Grande quickly responded. Super casually.

To which Corden responded (in true Brit form)…

And finally, Grande responded and put the icing on the cake.

Well, fans were freaking out. It seems that the two were scheduled to film within the next couple days. It was definitely something to look forward to, but it’s something that’s easily forgettable as we just have to wait for it!

And then, Grande posted something after her filming.

As the episode aired, fans were eagerly waiting for the answer to the mystery… But then Ariana dropped this ball:

Well, you’ll have to wait!



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