Apply to Be a “Puptern” So You Can Get Paid $100 Per Hour To Play With Dogs

This just in, your dream job is here!

Do you love dogs and money? The Mutts Canine Cantina in Dallas, Texas has the position for you. Mutts Canine Cantina is a dog park, bar, and restaurant opening a new location in Fort Worth. The lucky candidate who lands this fall “pupternship” will be paid $100 per hour to play with dogs in the dog park for 4 hours a week for 6-8 weeks.

As if getting paid to play with dogs isn’t amazing enough, the intern will also eat for free at the restaurant.

To apply for this dream role, hopeful applicants should upload a video of themselves snuggling a pup to Instagram. Creativity is key here. In the video, explain why you’re the perfect person for the role and tag the Mutts Cantina Instagram account and include the hashtag #MUTTSpuptern.

The application window is open until November 12th. Apply now for the dream internship of a lifetime.

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