Animal Shelter Seeks Home For Dog Who Has Lived There Nearly 4 Years

After more than 1,450 days at the Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills in Paris, Maine, Ginger is ready to go home.

Ginger’s life isn’t bad at the shelter, though. She is beloved by the staff and volunteers, goes on long walks and trips to McDonald’s where she enjoys a plain cheeseburger. But the one thing that Ginger is lacking, is a family and home of her own.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Ginger has been here 1,456 days. She was brought to us as a stray in 2014. She needs the…

Posted by Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills on Thursday, October 18, 2018


When the shelter posted about its longest tenant on Facebook, the post went viral. The photo showed Ginger wearing a handwritten sign that read, “I have been in the shelter for 1,456 days. Please Adopt Me.”

The shelter says she was brought to them as a stray in 2014 and hasn’t been adopted yet because she has some special requirements.

While she’s outgoing and loves to cuddle, she has issues with resource guarding making her not the best fit for a home with small children or other dogs.

“Because she is such a unique and loving dog, we don’t want to put her in a situation where she can fail,” said Pat Ingersoll, canine director at RPC.

An in-person visit with Ginger, a home visit, and a reference check will be required for persons interested in adopting this lovable pup. If Ginger is calling your name, contact Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills.

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