Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh’s Golden Globes Monologue Was a Refreshing Take on the Standard Roast

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg hosted the 76th annual Golden Globes and their opening monologue was a refreshing take on the standard “roast-filled” opening.

While some weren’t impressed with the new take on the opening, many felt it was a refreshingly fun and upbeat introduction for the traditional awards show. 

The monologue included poignant remarks about overdue cultural shifts in Hollywood. The beginning of the monologue began with Oh and Samberg’s complaints about their least favorite race… the L.A. half-marathon.

They continued on with a not-so-standard “roast” of the celebrities in attendance, such as telling people they’re very handsome, complimenting them on their hard work, and Samberg saying that he wishes Jeff Bridges were his dad.

The opener ended with Sandra Oh emotionally speaking to the camera about how important it is for Hollywood to be serious about opening itself up to other perspectives and experiences beyond those of straight, white men, and honestly, it was all very good.

“Witness this moment of change,” Oh said, “Right now, this moment is real. Trust me, it’s real because I see you and I see you—all these faces of change.”

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