Tubs of Nutella Are Now Available at Costco

If you’re crazy for the chocolate hazelnut spread that is Nutella, this is news you’ll want to hear.

Costco is now selling enormous tubs of the holy grail of sweet spreads, and we’re not judging if you get an entire tub just for yourself.

According to the Costco website, customers can get a 6.6lb bucket of Ferrero’s Nutella for the low, low price of $21.99. The bucket is equal to eight regular 13 oz jars and saves you approximately $6.65.

If you capitalize on the big boy bucket, it’s a whole lot less weird than walking out of the grocery store with 8 jars of the good stuff.

You can get this newborn-sized bucket in stores or online for a shipping fee of $3. So, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing else to do here other than rush to your nearest Costco. Go!

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