Americans Are Feeling Better About Indoor Dining

Studies show that most Americans are comfortable dining indoors again.

According to a new poll, approximately 57 percent of Americans say that they would eat inside of a restaurant.

However, the survey still made it clear that most people prefer to dine outdoors—68 percent, to be exact.

Throughout the pandemic, restaurants have been forced to alter elements of their business, incorporating takeout and delivery options in order to keep their doors open. One-third of Americans are comfortable with delivery while 42 percent claimed they would prefer doing takeout.

For many people, the barometer that measures how close we are to resuming "normal life" is our comfortability dining indoors.

Epidemiologists have made it clear that dining indoors still presents a high risk of infection for unvaccinated individuals.

"People should be looking for restaurants that have really good airflow, that their waitstaff is consistently wearing masks, and that they're expecting their patrons to wear masks, and that they're conscientious about their COVID controls as well," said Marissa Baker, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Washington.

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