Amateur Sleuth Identifies Golden State Killer—and Now He's Behind Bars

By 11 months ago

Nearly two decades after he terrorized California, the Golden State Killer has finally pleaded guilty to his crimes. No matter how hard he tried, one woman refused to let this former policeman disappear into oblivion...

Ruthless Criminal

His crimes stretched across the entirety of California. During the 1970s and 1980s, he wasn't just the Golden State Killer—papers dubbed him the Visalia ransacker, the Diamond Knot Killer, the Original Night Stalker, the East Area Rapist. It wasn't until later that officials realized only one man was responsible.


She Took Him Down

Thanks to a team of dedicated sleuths and one unbelievable idea, the Golden State Killer sat in an empty interrogation room and said, "I did it all." Unfortunately, his final victim was the woman who helped bring him to justice—and he never even laid a hand on her...

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