Achieve Your Middle School Dreams When You Stay In This Lisa Frank Room

The 90s called, and they have the perfect hotel spot for you. For anyone who once held a sparkly unicorn notebook with matching neon gel pens, this Lisa Frank themed hotel room will be a must-see. The brand partnered with to bring every 1990 teen girl’s dream come true. Located in downtown LA, the place comes fully stocked with snacks and treats that scream Lisa Frank. 

The room has a colorful array of furniture. On the list is a rainbow kitchen, an under-the-sea bathroom, lounge area, canopy bed,  and desk space with Lisa Frank office supplies, duh! You’ll also receive a Lisa Frank robe, eye mask, slipper set, and a ton of colorful stationery. 

Fans can also chow down on some true 1990s flavors. The fridge and pantry are filled with food from the era. This includes everything from Cheez Balls and Gushers to Pixy Stix, Fun Dip, and AirHeads. Your sweet tooth will be too happy to handle!

If you want to stay in the hotel room, act fast. It’s available from October 11th to October 27th at $199 a night. It’s in the celebrated Barsala hotel. The room highlights all sorts of Lisa Frank’s favorites, from colors to cute animals. Your 13-year-old self would be so happy!

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